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Ray Donovan (season 1)

20,133 views Comments (65)

ray donovan Showtime season 2013 poster

12 episodes

RAY DONOVAN takes a novelistic look at contemporary Los Angeles. A richly textured family drama, the series centers on Ray as L.A.’s best professional “trouble shooter.” He’s the one called in to solve the complicated, confidential and controversial problems of the city’s elite. He can make anyone’s problems disappear…except the ones he can’t escape created by his own damaged Boston “Southie” family. (more…)


Dexter (season 8)

36,582 views Comments (75)

Dexter Showtime season 8 2013 poster

12 episodes

The main character of the film is rather unusual man, who works as a forensic medical expert, and at the same time is a ruthless killer that knows no boundaries. Dexter does not harm innocent people, he only punishes criminals. The boy’s father worked as a policeman, and how to cover his tracks, Dexter knows. The guy knows how to punish criminals. Every day he helps the police investigate the most complex cases, which the authorities are not under force. No one knows that Dexter is the person who mends justice. With their skills and tricks guy easily finds the bandits and deal with them, covering his tracks. Once Dexter is confronted with a dangerous criminal, which is not so easy to catch.


The Borgias (season 3)

21,441 views Comments (40)

The Borgias Showtime season 3 2013 poster

10 episodes

Continuation of the Borgias family stories in season 3. The Borgias is set in 15th century Italy in 1492 at the height of the Renaissance and an increasingly weak and dysfunctional Rome. Shot in Hungary and based on real characters and events, the nine-part, hour-long series chronicles the corrupt rise and ruthless consolidation of power by patriarch Rodrigo Borgia who stops at nothing to control the papal throne and feed his insatiable ambition for influence and wealth for himself and his family.  (more…)


Nurse Jackie (season 5)

8,002 views Comments (1)

nurse jackie showtime season 5 2013 poster

10 episodes

Jackie is back and she’s trying her hand at sobriety, so she’s a little tougher but still better than ever! Jackie and the gang at All Saints have more on their plate than ever before: new doctors to interact with, a staffing shake-up, and a new love interest for Jackie who might actually make her truly happy… (more…)


Dexter (season 5)

3,308 views Comments (17)

Dexter Showtime poster season 5 2010

12 episodes

A terrible crime was committed. Dexter finds the body of his wife Rita in the bathroom. The police begin to gather evidence at the crime scene. After the Rita’ death, Dexter finds a girl named Lumen, which is a surviving victim of the rapist-killer. Together they are hunting for a gang of killers. (more…)


Dexter (season 4)

2,731 views Comments (2)

Dexter Showtime season 4 2009 poster

12 episodes

Dexter becomes a father. He cradles her son Harrison, telling him about his secret, that he kills people. Dexter is trying to independently investigate the case of the Trinity Killer. However, Dexter is getting more and more information, realizes that he and the “Trinity” have a lot in common. Meanwhile, Debra and Anton begin to live together. (more…)


Dexter (season 3)

4,164 views Comments (11)

Dexter Showtime poster season 3 2008

12 episodes

In the third season of Dexter there is a real friend – Attorney Miguel Prado, who soon finds out about the murders, and decides to use Dexter for his own purposes. Dexter marries Rita, who is expecting his child. (more…)


Dexter (season 2)

3,740 views Comments (10)

Dexter Showtime season 2 2007 poster

12 episodes

Dexter continues to meet with a girl, Rita Bennett, to maintain “normal” appearance. The police find the burial place of maniacs who were killed by Dexter. Dexter’s colleague, who always treat him badly – Sergeant James Doakes – starts shadowing him. A girl named Lila appears In Dexter’s personal life. She is a consultant company Narcotics Anonymous. (more…)


Dexter (season 1)

6,398 views Comments (9)

Dexter Showtime poster season 1 2006

12 episodes

At the age of three years, Dexter Morgan witnessed the massacre of his mother. After that he was adopted by a prominent Miami cop Harry Morgan, who recognized Dexter’s sociopathic tendencies and taught him to direct the growing thirst for killing in useful direction – to kill only those who deserve it: criminals who escaped justice because of loopholes in the laws or lack of evidence. Now Dexter works in the Miami Police Department. He is an expert on blood spatter analysis. In accordance with the Harry’ instructions Dexter cleverly mimics human emotions, so as not to stand out among the others. (more…)


The Big C (season 4)

2,457 views Comments (9)

The Big C Showtime season 4 2013 poster

4 episodes

The continuing story of how a mother coping with her cancer diagnosis. This season will explain last year’s cliffhanger in which Cathy left her family to go sailing with a stranger after she realized she had nothing to return home to. (more…)